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Smith Family Insurance offers more than protection against life's uncertainties—we're your trusted partner, deeply rooted in faith, family, and the Appalachian spirit. As part of our family, we promise to guard your security with our values of community and home. Faith, Family, Appalachia: it's our commitment in every policy.

Our Policies

Small Business

Fortify your dreams with our Small Business Insurance – where protection meets ambition, ensuring your business thrives and perseveres.

Life Insurance

Secure your legacy and cherish every moment with our Life Insurance solutions – providing a shield of financial support for your loved ones.

Car Insurance

Navigate the road of life confidently with our Auto Insurance – safeguarding your journeys, one mile at a time.


Embrace a worry-free future with our Medicare Insurance – your pathway to comprehensive health coverage and peace of mind.

Home Insurance

Turn your house into a haven with our Home Insurance – a shield against the unexpected, making every corner a place of security and comfort.

Pet Insurance

From tail wags to whisker twitches, ensure your furriest family members are protected with our Pet Insurance – because their well-being matters as much as yours.

Why Choose Us?

For a partnership rooted in faith, family, and the Appalachian spirit, where you're not just a client but family. Our commitment to community and security means your protection is our top priority. With us, it's more than insurance—it's a shared lifestyle of faith, family, and Appalachian values.FAQ

10+ Years of Experience

With over a decade of expertise, Smith Family Insurance brings a wealth of knowledge and refined skill in navigating the complexities of protection and peace of mind. Our ten-plus years in the industry underscore a legacy of trust and excellence in serving our community.

Excellent Protection

Experience peace of mind with our excellent protection. We prioritize your safety and security, providing comprehensive solutions that ensure you're covered against life's uncertainties. Trust us to safeguard what matters most to you.

Local Service

Experience excellent local service at Smith Family Insurance for personalized protection. Our community-rooted team ensures your peace of mind, offering top-tier coverage with the comfort of trusted neighbors safeguarding what matters most to you.

Savings Potential

As your financial concierge, Smith Family Insurance maximizes your savings potential by striking the right balance between price and comprehensive protection. Trust us to guide you toward informed decisions, securing your financial future with personalized coverage.


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